• Commission: 50% per purchase or signup + recurring
  • The commission is graduated to accommodate the amount of traffic you send us. We reward your hard work in sending us high amounts of converting traffic with higher commission rates. Please contact us to inquire about special offers for exceptionally large referring sales.

    All subsequent sales and rebills are included indefinitely. Even after the referral is made you continue to make money.

    Gross sales are calculated from the total purchases, signups, and rebills from 30 days prior to the point of sale. The commission rate is calculated at each sale and is effected by the previous 30 days of sales. Tax, refunds, chargebacks, and any handling fees are excluded from the calculations.

  • Monthly payout in USD
  • Our payments to you are always made on time every month.

  • Multiple payout options
  • We offer payouts via wire transfer, check, PayPal, SEPA, crypto, or Japanese Furikomi. We have many crypto options, such as Bitcoin and USDT-TRC20.

    Payment MethodWire transferCheckPayPalSEPACryptoFurikomi
    Remittance Fee$25$2$0$7$10$25
    Min Payout Threshold$200$20$200$200$20$100

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  • Tracking tools
  • We offer you clear, easy to understand tracking tools on our webmaster member page. You can easily tailor your data to effectively analyze the performance. We keep a complete monthly history of all transactions and traffic to our sites.

  • Traffic Tracking
  • Data from which site and referring url raw and unique hits come from can be easily viewed.

  • Sales Tracking
  • You can see all sales, signups, rebills, and earnings based on each site and referring url.

  • In-house Tracking System
  • Our custom tracking system was built with versatility in mind by our top-notch developers. We use several advanced techniques in conjunction that ensure your traffic is tracked even if cookies and javascript are disabled. Your traffic is very important to us so we treat it with utmost care to make sure you get the commissions you deserve.

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