• How will I get paid?
  • You can choose to be paid via wire transfer, check, Paxum, Paypal, or Japanese Furikomi.

  • When do I get paid?
  • Our payments go out 14 days after each monthly pay cycle (the 14th of every month). We wait 14 days in order for all transactions to settle in case there are any refunds or chargebacks.

  • How do I know how much I have earned?
  • In our webmaster member area you can easily view all of your statistics including how much you have earned from each referring site you have.

  • Are there any payout fees or minimums?
  • Yes. The following table outlines the various fees and minimums for each kind of payment:

    Payment MethodWire transferCheckPaxumPaypalFurikomi
    Remittance Fee$30$2$5$0$25
    Min Payout Threshold$100$20$20$200$100

  • Do I have to use your banners and promotional material only?
  • No, you are free to use your own materials or create your own galleries with our material.

  • How do I send my referrals to your sites?
  • You can either add ?ref=XXXXXXXX (or &ref if there is already a "?" in the link) to any link to any of our sites where XXXXXXXX is your unique referral ID. Or you can use the FHGs that are generated with your ID embedded into the page, which are available in the webmasters member area.

  • Do you have a webmaster referral program?
  • Yes we do! You can add ?ref=XXXXXXXX (or &ref if there is already a "?" in the link) to any link on this site where XXXXXXXX is your unique referral ID and send your webmaster traffic to us.

  • Can I promote your sites through email or spam?
  • No. Email promotion or any kind of spamming is strictly prohibited. All referrals from sources other than websites will be discarded.

  • How do I contact you?
  • If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us on our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.